9 months later...

She adjusted her sails...

A Letter to A Man...

A Little More Amazing Everyday...

What Matters...

Why do YOU write?

Hopi Prayer


Places Ive Been and Hope to Get Back to...

  • • Many many trips up and down the East Coast
  • • Canada (Mostly driving adventures in High School and College and only on the Eastern Side)
  • • Driven across this amazing country many times.
  • • All of the Eastern and Western Caribbean.....
  • • Scotland
  • • England
  • • Dominican Republic
  • • Haiti
  • • Spain
  • • Japan
  • • The Philippines
  • • Mexico Many times and in Many areas
  • • And Seattle :)

The Anywhere But Here I Hope to See Next..

  • • Morocco
  • • Kenya
  • • South Africa
  • • Cambodia
  • • Thailand

About Me

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Im a New England girl who transplanted herself in Southern California and is just now starting to believe it was a good idea...I work as a Child Life Specialist/Social Worker at a University Hospital Burn Unit..Additionally I am a massage therapist, energy worker and holistic health practitioner that owns and runs a small Wellness Practice. I live with my English Bulldog, two tortoises and an array of fish, frogs and whatever other creature finds its way to needing a home...

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