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I am a woman.

I am American.

I have sex.

I hold within me, among my many other super powers that simply being born female provides, the ability to get pregnant. This brilliant design of nature is breath taking, and the women who choose to become mothers are miracle workers. They deserve nothing short of all the respect I have in me, for creating a life, for surrendering themselves to that call..for choosing to change their names to "mother."

That is their choice as a free American woman. Be a lawyer, be a mother, be both! Yes!

I choose to have sex.

I choose to be safe.

I choose to speak up when I believe in something. I will sing the praises of those who fought so I can sit here and talk to you about being free and all that means for all of us lucky enough to call ourselves woman in this country.

I choose who I allow to touch me, love me, f**k me.

I choose who I allow inside my body.

I choose what I want to remain there.

When you are born a woman in the 80's in this country it is easy to forget how many "free" woman, less than a decade earlier were not allowed these choices. Its easy to take for granted the idea that right now you have control over your body. To forget that our rights are still just privileges in a country, in a world, still run by men who have never had a government agency try to tell them what to do with their penis. Whose Viagra was covered by their insurance plans while women were fighting to gain access to birth control so that the men in their lives could choose not to wear a condom.

Its easy to forget that today is the 39th anniversary of the day women gained the rights to their own bodies, because that decision came down ten years before my mother choose me. Its even easier to forget that there are people fighting every day to take that right away. Fighting to make women less again. To tell us that we don't know what is best for us. Like the church and mentality who took my mother from her mother almost 60 years ago, all in the name of God and knowing what was "best" for her and the rest of the generations that would follow...

We can not forget and we cannot stop fighting. Just like we fight for the right walk down the street at any time of day, wearing whatever we want and not get raped only to be told we were asking for it. That girls shouldn't be sexual or dress provocatively and expect men to be able to control themselves.

We are only as free as we fight to be.

So vote, even though its a pain in the ass to wait in lines, stand in the cold and listen to last ditch efforts on propositions you have already made your mind up on. Vote for your freedom, your daughters freedom, your sisters freedom. Choose to remember that our rights can be taken away. Choose so that women can claim their bodies as their own. Choose to protect women from those who think we require protection from ourselves. Exercise your right to choose so the rest of us who call ourselves woman can too!


Lori January 22, 2012 at 3:51 PM  


Dom January 22, 2012 at 6:07 PM  

Beautifully written.

Lori January 23, 2012 at 6:20 AM  

It won't let me link! Sigh....

Katydid January 23, 2012 at 7:16 AM  

Lori, Im sorry :(
I dont know why it wont let you. I am not very tech savvy... I just copy and paste the links I use lol :)

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